Laminar flow high security workstations RLK with vertical and/or horizontal air flow, including clean lab power stations

These are metal free laminar flow cabinets, providing ISO 14644-1 (1999) class 4 or better clean room conditions (Corresponding to class 10 and better of US Fed. Std. 209D – 1988). They are built from acrylic glass. All electrical and mechanical compounds are concentrated in the ventilator housing. As a clean lab power station this cabinet provides optionally at least two programmable Time-Temperature Controllers TR (suitable for two hotplates, incorporated into the laminar flow cabinet, but also for equipment placed outside of it), and up to three additional power circuits, for additional laboratory equipment. All servicing and switching processes take place inside the cabinet. Particles, set free by any activity will be stopped in the HEPA or ULPA filters of the workstation.

Special air shields and a sophisticated design of the waste air outlets change the vertical air flow to a horizontal one. They protect the working space from particles generated by the operator or by turbulent air flow from the lab, when the front door is open. Security devices control the internal and external working conditions.

Clean Air Cabinet - RLK