Clean labs designed for sample preparations by means of strong acids:

  • These laboratories should be thoroughly separated from other clean laboratories. Metallic surfaces, even when coated with paint, should be avoided. All surfaces should be resistant against acid attack. The room pressure should be the lowest of the clean lab suite. The laboratories need:
    • Air ducts from PPS or metal free chemical resistant plastics.
    • Fume hoods with individual clean air supply and individual exhaust ventilators.
    • Unidirectional (laminar) air flow.
    • Effective air exhaust nearest to the floor level.
    • High security equipment for long running processes under limited personal supervision.
    • High security laminar flow workstations with individual waste air exhaust.
    • Equipment to suppress the diffusion of acids used in preparation processes.
    • Permanently clean air flushed acid storage cabinets, etc.